or90vl commemorative award

OR90VL Commemorative Award

La section UBA-LGE fêtera ses 90 ans le 25/06/2015 !



Afin de permettre à tous nos membres de participer à cet événement, les membres pourront donner  des points pour l’obtention d’un diplôme pour les 90 ans de la section avec leur propre indicatif (voir ci-dessous)

Règlement de ce diplôme (ci-dessous).


Ainsi, chaque membre LGE pourra participer en donnant des points aux OM désireux d’obtenir le diplome

Le 25 JUIN 2015, date anniversaire, un trafic tout particulier sera réservé pour OR90VL

Or90vl 1

90th Anniversary of UBA-LGE AWARD Rule



The ARS UBA-LGE commemorates the 90th anniversary of UBA-LGE Liège

(Union des Amateurs Emetteurs – Section Liège).

In celebration of this events, the UBA-LGE edited a 
commemorative award. This award is available to all licensed radio amateurs, including SWLs.


Award Rules:

  • The bulk of the qualifying score of contacts must be made with special event station OR90VL
    and individuals members from the UBA-LGE ARS. All HF bands and modes are valid.
  • Period June 1st 2015 to December 31th 2015
  • QSO’s with OR90VL must be made minimum on 3 differents bands
  • Each member of UBA-LGE with OP prefix (November 2015) count for 2 QSO (4 points).
  • Entrants are allowed to use all emissions (SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK)


Applications can be submitted in a form of check sheet certified by signature. Applications mailed in paper form (5 USD) (PAYPAL on5vl@uba.be) or as an electronic scan (free of charge) will be accepted with dead line on Feb. 28th 2016

Paper applications should be sent to UBA-LGE Award Manager:

Paul DELMELLE, ON6DP, Grand Route 58, B=4122 NEUPRE, Belgium

Email : on6dp@on6dp.be


for   ON & EU Non-EU
Diplome bronze3 BRONZE 200 points 100 points
Diplome silver2 SILVER 370 points 190 points
Diplome gold1 GOLD 460 points 270 points

List of qualifying Callsigns and points :

The event callsign  OR90VL 10 points
QSO on June 25th with station OR90VL 20 points

The members callsigns

.......2 points
OP0P,OQ6P,OR2E,OT4Z .......3 points


 73 de Paul, ON6DP


or90vl Commemorative Award

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